Finally, The Freedom to Do What You Do Best

Illumine8 is Your Virtual VP of Marketing

Selling. Operations. Budgeting. Hiring. Event planning. Copywriting. Marketing. Social media management.

You’re a one man or woman marketing department, and marketing isn’t even your sweet spot.

We can help. Illumine8 is the VP of marketing you’ve always wanted. The Illumine8 team provides c-suite impact, skill and professionalism without the higher costs--and inherent risks--of doling out executive benefits and compensation to a full time employee. Our services include:

  • Powerful, customer responsive email marketing campaigns
  • Impactful social media strategies, implementation and monitoring
  • Rebranding and marketing planning
  • Reporting and results analysis
  • Website and landing page development
  • Copywriting and quality assurance
  • Creative design and production management
  • Public relations
  • And more...

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