Looking for specific industry KPIs? Illumine8's KPI By Industry Cheat Sheet has all the metrics to watch for the real estate, construction, commercial property management, manufacturing, IT and sales industries in one place.

Free Download: KPI By Industry Cheat Sheet

All the Key Performance Indicators You Need To Be Tracking For Your Industry, In One Place

Tracking results is crucial. Gathering marketing metrics is essential. But what's even more important is tying these quantitative data sets to the prioritized goals and objectives of your business.

Without connecting metrics to critical business objectives tracking and measurement become ineffective because they exist in a void. Similarly, if you track everything but cannot prioritize which metrics and data are most important to your business, it becomes a moot exercise.

You need to track the right metrics for your business and your goals, but in todays reports-driven enviornment, how do you know what those right metrics are in the first place?

To help you get your performance reporting on track, we've put together our KPI By Industry Cheat Sheet to get you started. The expert Illumine8 Marketing and PR team has put together the ultimate list of Key Performance Indicators for:

  • Construction Professionals
  • The Commercial Property Management Industry
  • Manufacturing 
  • Information Technology
  • Sales leaders

All in one place. Take your business to the next level by downloading the KPI By Industry Cheat Sheet via the form on this page.

Free Download: KPI By Industry Cheat Sheet